How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile


A growing number of consumers in the United States now use smartphones to browse the Internet. If you’re website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a large customer base.

While there are a number of adjustments you can make, a Los Angeles search engine marketing company will likely focus on the following important mobile optimization tips:

Start with the Design

Your website must use responsive design from the very beginning. This means that when users are viewing your site on different browsers, the site formats to a particular size, and the flow stays the same. A Los Angeles search engine optimization company can make adjustments to current designs, if necessary.

Focus on Code

You must focus on three types of code: Head code, meta code and analytics code. Your head code and meta code should both be as concise as possible and contain the proper keywords, while analytics code should be integrated into the header to better track your mobile users.

Overall, your website should be coded cleanly to ensure maximum functionality.

Local Search Optimization

Your mobile content should always be optimized for those who are trying to search for your business locally. We suggest that your business address and phone number remain uniform across all pages and social media profiles. If a potential customer is looking for you, search engines can more easily display you at the top of local results when your information is accurate.