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The Room Three Android games form

Games and puzzles and unique The Room Three
Intellectual challenges unique in its own style
Extraordinary intellectual and challenging gameplay
Beautiful graphics with unique gameplay closed

Play The Room Three is the third and last part of the great intellectual and beautiful android games studio games Fireproof Games are the intellectual resumes only three games room place. Game Room 3 Like its predecessor, the positive criticism of the authorities and ordinary audience and once again managed to place among the top Android games thinking that even suspected to be selected as the best Android puzzle game! Room 3 is a puzzle game based on real physical movement, an intellectual and mysterious world and literally, to depict.

Welcome to Room 3, a puzzle game that physical and intellectual challenges inherent in invites you to a world of amazing tactical. Game can not really properly described as highly secretive and challenge your mind and every single story! In this version you will travel to a remote island and seductive power that must all think and use your brain to a chain of unique puzzles by mysterious person called “artist” are designed to solve the … Although the game The Room Three gameplay is a closed space, but thanks to their unique graphic elements are extremely fun and not bored you to death and make you dependent on his will!

Features of The Room Three :

Intuitive touch controls and different mental
Surface hardening of easy start to the end of the game progressively harder
The unique combination of puzzle and thinking with a simple interface
Experience a natural environment so that objects are feeling
Open space and location play for AC
Different and very beautiful environments with unique colors and effects
Super complex objects with the ability to rotate, zoom and explore a multitude of objects to find out the secrets behind them
Music and sound effects unique dynamic to the atmosphere of the environment and a haunting soundscape
Added new visual perspective to explore the world to see miniatures
Sharing on multiple devices with support for cloud
Intellectual unique gameplay with great graphics
Support for multiple languages

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The Room Three v1.01 Apk (20.9 MiB, 56 hits)

The Room Three v1.01 Apk

The Room Three v1.01 Data (500.0 MiB, 48 hits)

The Room Three v1.01 Data

Requires Android: 2.3+

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The Room Three

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